1. big intro
a. voices b. stained glass c. broken

2. higher ground
3. gain the world
4. paint the rain
5. long nights
6. missing you
7. how can it be?
8. could this be love?
9. let it go
10. all i can give

produced by patrick bamburak and tim keyes

all songs by tim keyes except
'how can it be' & 'all i can give' by aversano / keyes
'long nights' & 'let it go' by PAR 3 JP keyes / t keyes / s o'grady

recorded in studio A at API
photography and graphic design by meg poltorak

tim keyes: Vocals, keyboards

patrick bamburak: guitars, basses
cliff ramsay: drum kit
jr thompson: percussion

joe keyes: drum kit on 'could this be love?' & 'all i can give'
juliette liddell clark: background vox on 'could this be love?'
lisa nettleship: french horn

Mastered by Paul Goodrich at Merlin Music NYC