On The Radio

On The Radio

1. On The Radio

2. All I Need Is You
3. Shoulder to Shoulder
4. Lead Me On
5. Jack and Jill
6. I Can't Let You Go
7. One True Love
8. She Makes Me Do Things
9. Michelle
10. Go My Own Way
11. Jimmy Come Runnin'
12. Come To My Rescue
13. All I Need Is You (Revisited)

14. I Can't Let You Go (Revisited)

Produced by Tim Keyes, Christ Fischer, and Kevin Ferd

Basic Tracks engineered by Kevin Ferd, Paul Goodrich, and John Lechner
Vocal sessions produced by Kevin Ferd and Linda Grace
Background Vox written and arranged by the Go-Girls
Background vocals produced by Tim Keyes

Vocals engineered by Kevin Ferd and John Lechner
Paul Goodrich assisted at Platinum Island by Paul Sauder
John Lechner assisted at Triad by Linda Grace

Recorded at Platinum Island, NYC; Triad Studios, Nashville, TN;

Soundwriter Studios, Newark, NJ

Tim Keyes: Vocals, Grand Piano

Chris Fischer: Keyboard, drum and bass programming
Mike Hogan: All guitars
Kevin Ferd: Additional Guitar (On The Radio
Peter Bavaro: Bass (All I Need Is You)
The Go-Girls: Background Vox
Charlie Maxx: Radio Voiceover (On The Radio)
The Go-Girls are Linda Grace & Jodi Vaughn

Mastered by Paul Goodrich at Merlin Music NYC